Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Dana is really sick.

Yesterday afternoon Dana was not acting right and by evening I knew I'd better give her some meds. She stayed on her feet all night long, from what I could tell, until she finally could stand no longer. This morning I wouldn't have given her more than a 10% chance to live. She was COLD and very dehydrated. Sounds like pneumonia in her lungs. I've been spending lots of time trying to get various things down her and she did finally drink a lot of water! That is my only encouragement right now. She cant get up though, so in a little bit we are going to try to help her get up for a bit.
We NEED this goat! She's the only one in milk until late January. She's an excellent milker, AND I wont have enough goat milk to feed her kids if she dies. If it comes down to it, I will have to raise them on cow milk when the little bit of goat milk I have in the freezer runs out. And not only that, but we really like Dana. :o(

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