Friday, November 02, 2007


Friday: Dropped Kris off at the dentist.
Dropped Erinn off at GB's house.
Grocery shopping. Phbtbtbt.
Got gas. $$$$$$
Went to the feed store and as soon as we got out of the truck we were accosted by a psycho women wanting a ride across town! The ONLY reason I even had a conversation with her is because she was an older person, bless her heart. I didn't want to be disrepectful, but it quickly became clear that I wasn't going to give her a ride anywhere! She kept saying "I'm disabled and I need a ride across town." Then when Mooky got out of the truck, she walked around and sat down in his seat! I was standing on the driver's side and I told her that I had to go in and buy feed. What? You came to the feed store to buy feed? Good grief, I thought you were taking me home. No maam, will you please get out so I can lock the doors? What? I'm innocent. I wont touch anything. And I'm disabled, so I cant just stand around waiting for you to come back out.
Well, if you'd like to you can sit on the tail gate while I go inside, but I have to lock the doors. So, mumbling all the while about being disabled, and innocent, and where the heck is the bus driver, she got out and sat on the tail gate. I posted Mooky nearby to watch that she didnt steal any of our groceries, and went inside the store. I asked the employees inside if they knew who the crazy lady was, and they all went to the door to stare at her. LOL When I went back out Mooky told me that she had talked to herself the whole time, and kept saying, "Where's the bus? Where's the bus driver?" I didn't know if she was on drugs, or just mentally ill, but either way I knew that I didn't want her squished into the front seat of the truck with us. So, after the feed was loaded I told her I was sorry but there wasn't room for her in the truck because we don't have a back seat like that truck over there. (Kris got a good laugh when I told him that I'd said that.) That truck over there was another customer and his wife who were waiting for their feed to be loaded. She flounced off in a huff and the last thing I saw of her, she was talking to the people in the other truck. LOL. I felt kinda bad about not giving her a ride but she was acting mighty strange and I had to protect my little boy, after all! (OK, let's forget the fact that he is considerably taller than I am.) GB said I should have offered to call the police for her. Ha! I should have!
After that we had a good visit with GB and Aunt Loy while we waited for Kris to get done at the dentist. They finished his root canal, at long last!
Then, Kris called to say he was done, so we picked him up and then went bowling. We bowled two games, and had a lot of fun. At first there was no one there but us, then after a while a bunch of seniors came in to bowl. Mooky LOVES to bowl and was just barely behind Kris on the first game. By the second game he was wiped out though, and didn't do so well, but he really enjoyed himself.
After we got home Kris packed his stuff and headed off to the cabin for opening weekend of deer hunting. I hate it when he's gone. I'm used to him being gone in the daytime, but at night is kinda freaky. :o) Silly, huh?

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Kyria said...

You should read Gabriel Pearl's article in the latest No Greater Joy mag. You're a good mama bear! Protect those cubs.

Rowdy and I have OFTEN had people accost us begging for money for various sob stories. Mostly in Longview. We can't figure out why they seem to beeline in on us!