Monday, October 29, 2007

Valley of Vison

But Thou dost show Thy power by my frailty, so that the more feeble I am,

the more fit to be used, for Thou dost pitch a tent of grace

in my weakness.

Help me to rejoice in my infirmities

and give Thee praise, to acknowledge my deficiencies before others

and not be discouraged by them, that they may see Thy glory more clearly.V of V 341

I really like this prayer that Mum emailed to us this morning!

We got a lot of needed work done this weekend! The chicks are finally in the barn, but will need to be moved again fairly soon. They have gotten so big that they are a bit crowded in that older pen. We could put them in one of the new pens, but I am not sure they can handle the colder temps at night, even with a heat lamp. As soon as I enclose one of the new pens, they will go to the garden. Yes, it's always something!

Kris got a "chicken door" added to the chicken house. The main door keeps predators out at night, but the chicken door keeps goats, cows, and horses out while allowing the chickens free access to their food. He also had to add a wire cage to the bottom of the deer feeder because Thunder figured out that he could get feed out of without waiting for it to go off on it's own. Toasty (goat) figured out that whenever Thunder headed towards the feeder, it would be wise to go along with him. He cleaned up whatever Thunder dropped on the ground. Piggy.

Thunder also knows to come-a-runnin when I feed the goat kids! I wired this feeder up high on the fence so that the show goats would have to stand on their back legs to eat. Supposedly it helps build their muscles. It certainly does keep them from getting dirt, etc, in their feeder, which is a good thing! Thunder can easily eat out of it, so I have to be careful not to feed the goats anything that is bad for horses.

L to R: Diamond, Valley, Thunder, Little and Hershey

In the background of this pic you can see

one completed chicken tractor,

with the roof/lid propped open.

Mooky and I got the deck clean! There was firewood, jars, auction stuff and bags of outgrown clothes to deal with. What a relief to have it clean again. :o)

Erinn and I got the chickens automatic watering system set up and working. We got it cheap (used) at the auction and it will save a lot of time refilling chick waterers. They are drinking LOTS of water by 3 weeks old.

Almond has joint ill, poor baby. He has swollen joints in a front leg and a back leg which make it hard to walk. He hasn't been able to nurse much so he is getting lots of extra bottles. I need to be SURE to use iodine on umbilical cords from now on!

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