Thursday, November 01, 2007

Prayer Requests:
For Kiwi to get some relief from her terrible stomach pain and for the doctors to quickly figure out what is causing it.
For Mum and Dad, etc, to get moved out to the farm without too much stress.
For GB's broken arm to heal without needing surgery. (The doc told her on Tuesday that because of how it's looking in one area she still might need surgery.)
For Loy's foot to heal cleanly and the infected area not to get out of control. Also that the Lord would strengthen her heart.
For Kris to be able to finally get his root canal over with this Friday. There have been so many setbacks.
For Caleb's broken arm to heal quickly and cleanly.
For Sophie to not have any more febrile seizures, if indeed that's what it was! Go to for more details.
For us to be able to get all the details worked out on a GI for Mooky. We've had a hard time finding one who will take the insurance, who is accepting new patients and every time I find one they say they wont accept patients under the age of 18. We started looking in Kerrville and Fredericksburg, moved on to San Antonio, and now finally we think we have found one in Austin. Now we are just waiting on our doctor here to do the referral for the insurance so we can get an appointment set up.
For Alex, that she will have fewer headache problems once she gets her new glasses.

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