Saturday, November 03, 2007


For the first time in a month we got a little produce out of the garden! We are getting a few more eggs than before as well, now that the Marans are starting to lay. (NO. The eggs were NOT in the garden.) I still needed to get a light set up for the chicks, and fill up water containers, so I set the veggies and eggs down on the spool.

That was a mistake! When I came back I saw Lily eating my veggies, she already slobbered all over them so I decided to take pictures instead of trying to rescue veggies. I did at least save the eggs though. I was amazed to see her eating the hot peppers like it didn't bother her a bit.


The milk is going to taste like jalapenos tomorrow!


Wait a minute!

Something is burning my mouth!!


Serves her right. :o)

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