Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Pokey is missing again.

Pokey hasn't been seen since Friday or Saturday and we are really worried that a hunter shot her. STUPIDLY I didn't get the bright orange paint on her soon enough. She just wasn't sticking around for very long at a time, and spraying it on scared her. So, we came up with a plan to spray the paint onto a sponge, then dab it high on her neck where she couldn't lick it off, but it didn't get done in time.
Mr. P across the road said that he hasn't seen her in at least 5 days either. He feeds a bunch of deer out behind his barn every afternoon so I am going to go over there and see if she is among them. It's not likely because they always would run her off, and she preferred to hang out by the house looking for a hand out.
Dana is a little better this morning! Chewing her cud and she took a few tiny nibbles of hay, so I am hopeful.
Mooky is feeling the effects of all the sugar yesterday.
Erinn is her usual cheerful self!
Kris is dreading his dentist appointment on Friday because this is the longest root canal in dental history! Poor thing. :o(

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